Why multi-manager?

The main advantage of multi-manager funds is that they reduce the risk of investing in an individual underperforming fund.

With thousands of funds available in the market to research and monitor, keeping abreast of performance, fund manager moves and market trends can be a full-time job. Hence, outsourcing investment decisions to a multi-manager is becoming a very popular choice.

Asset allocation and fund selection decisions are taken by our experienced team of investment experts with the skills and technical resources to effectively analyse the market on your behalf.

Our team has direct access to the people that actually manage the money, meaning they can gain insights into performance and strategy that are simply not readily available to the typical client.

A diversified multi-manager fund can also be used as a core holding within a broader portfolio. For example, for those investors looking for potentially high returns, higher risk satellite funds can be added to the “core” holding. The combination of a widely diversified portfolio that focuses on reducing volatility with funds aiming for higher returns can increase the overall risk/return profile in a prudent way.

Our multi-manager team

We have one of the most experienced, stable and highly regarded multi-manager teams in the UK.

Each member is a specialist in their field, with a focus on a specific sector or asset class. This brings a high level of expertise to the fund selection process.

Our focus is on scrutinising the market for the right blend of funds, with the aim of delivering consistent strong performance.